Märt Kivi / director and animator

Märt is an internationally acclaimed character animator, who has 17 years of experience in the field of stop-motion animation. He has animated more than 40 films, that have won awards at the most prestigious animation festivals around the world (Ottawa, Hiroshima, Annecy etc). In addition to collaborating with the most renowned Estonian animation directors, Märt has also worked for stop-motion productions in Norway and Mexico. In Fork Film Märt directs and animates commercials and music videos in stop-motion and 2D animation techniques.





Roland Seer / director and animator

Roland has studied visual design in Estonia and Finland; mixed animation techniques in England and since 2010 character animation in Denmark at the acclaimed Viborg Animation Workshop. Roland currently resides in Denmark, but continues to collaborate with Fork Film, experiment with different animation techniques and put his skills and creativity into practise for the benefit of our clients.






Ragnar Neljandi / cinematographer

Ragnar has 10 years of experience as a stop-motion cinematographer. During that time he has shot more than 15 animated films for the most acclaimed Estonian animation directors. In Fork Film, Ragnar shoots commercials and music videos in stop-motion animation technique. He also composits and color-corrects Fork Film’s productions in all other animation techniques.





Marianne Ostrat / creative producer

Marianne has worked as a commercial and film producer for 8 years. She has an extensive experience in producing both animated and live-action clips for local and international brands. Her short and documentary films have competed and received awards at several international film festivals. In Fork Film, Marianne takes care of our clients, smooth production process and organizes daily work.